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Wondering what can boost the value of your rental property in Chula Vista? You should consider upgrading the features of your house to enhance its aesthetic appeal and get potential tenants to move in sooner. Take a look at these quick affordable home upgrades for upgrading the features of your Chula Vista rental home.

  • Renovate the Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

People prefer to decorate or personalize their kitchen according to their taste. However, a little upgrade in the basic features like furnishing the kitchen countertop with some classy designs is a good way to bring a fresh change to the appearance of the kitchen. 

Some pocket-friendly materials that can be used to renovate the countertops are ceramic tiles, laminates, cultured marble, granites, and wood. Once the countertop is set, you can renovate or paint the cupboards with any bright design or paint that increases the appeal of the kitchen.

  • Paint the Walls 

Even if the walls of your rental home are clean, a fresh coat of paint can create a great impact. The potential tenants are more likely to find the freshly painted walls more alluring than the dull walls. Besides, it would give them a feeling of moving into a brand-new home.

Another option is to repaper the living spaces to uplift the look of your Chula Vista home immediately. 

  • Add Some Outdoor Seating 

If you have enough space, create some minimal seating arrangements in the lawn or the backyard. Adding a couple of chairs, a coffee table, some bean bags, or a deck can make a great difference. It allows the potential tenants to appreciate the way the outdoor area has been utilized, thus increasing the property value to a great extent.

  • Make Improvements to Your Bathroom

Simple improvements, such as getting the faucets and the knobs painted, changing the ones that are not functioning properly and getting new shower curtains and matching bathroom cabinets will give the space a stylish look. Plus, you can find these at great deals at one of your local stores.

  • Technological Upgrades 

Installing a few new home appliances, like a coffee machine, blender, clothes dryer, clothes iron, etc. can significantly boost value of your property. A Wi-Fi connection is the most-needed service today. Offering a superior internet connection can also be an affordable feature to elevate the value of your Chula Vista rental home. Other options worth considering are equipping the house with smart home devices such as security cameras, smart thermostats, smart locks, and video doorbells.

  • Other Affordable Home Upgrades

Ceiling FanSome of the other affordable upgrades to make your property more attractive to the tenants are installing ceiling fans, setting up new curtains, renovating the basement with paint and basic furniture, placing a small swing in the porch or the garden. Re-designing the doors and the knobs, placing fancy lamps in the house, installing a water filter, decorating the windows with flowers or plants, or placing a wooden partition wall in the living room are some other ways to upgrade your property as well.

There are plenty of inexpensive home upgrades that can add to the rental value of your property. However, you need to identify which features or changes will suit your home the best. A property management company like Encore Realty can help you figure out what simple measures can make your property look more attractive.

At Encore Realty, we aim at educating and enabling our clients. We have a team of experts who can draw a well-organized plan for you. To know more about how you can enhance the features of your Chula Vista rental property in affordable ways, contact us at Encore Realty.