Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Chula Vista Rental Property

Need some tips for your Chula Vista rental maintenance? A well-maintained rental home attracts the best tenants, increases in value, and saves you money on deferred maintenance and emergency repairs. At Encore Realty, we work hard with our owners and investors as well as our tenants to maintain your property and protect its condition.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping your rental income high and your expenses low. Today, we’re sharing some tips to help you stay ahead of costly rental home repairs.

Chula Vista Rental Maintenance: Provide a Well-Maintained Home

Start in the strongest possible position by making sure your home is attractive and functional before you allow your tenants to move in. Everything in the property should be inspected to ensure it’s safe and working. Take a look at your major systems such as plumbing and electrical, and pay attention to the smaller details too, such as light bulbs and air filters. When you ensure your home is in excellent condition before a tenant occupies it, you are showing that tenant you care about its condition.

Before your tenants move in, discuss the process for reporting maintenance issues. Make sure your tenants understand that they need to let you know immediately if something breaks, deteriorates, or needs to be replaced. When you work together with your tenants, you will keep your home in good shape.

Schedule Routine Inspections of the Property

A major part of preventative maintenance is getting inside the property to take a look around. This will give you the opportunity to check for any maintenance needs that have gone unreported by your tenants. Check under sinks to look for leaks. Make sure the air filters are being changed regularly, and inspect the roof and the windows. Take a look at the landscaping. If there are any issues, resolve them immediately so they don’t become larger and more expensive headaches.

Routine Service Calls are Necessary

Your most expensive property systems should be inspected, serviced, cleaned, and updated annually. For example, have an HVAC technician come in at least once a year to check your heating and cooling system. If you ignore this routine service, which only costs around $200, you may find yourself investing in a new furnace or air conditioning system. Professional vendors and technicians can take an expert look at your roof, gutters, sinks, and structure to tell you what needs to be done in order to prevent expensive problems and repairs.

Create a Maintenance Budget

Create a Maintenance BudgetPrepare for small and large repair expenses by putting a little bit of your rental income aside every month. If you build a maintenance reserve fund, you won’t feel the financial shocks of having to pay for a new roof or a new water heater quite so severely. Having a maintenance budget will also allow you to estimate the lifespan of your systems. You’ll know when you can expect to pay for new floors, a paving job on the driveway, or a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Preventative maintenance is critical in protecting your home and increasing your ROI. If you’d like additional tips on how to maintain your Chula Vista rental home, please contact us at Encore Realty.