As a professional Bonita, South Bay and Chula Vista property management company, we work a lot with rental property owners. We help them to lease and market their homes, and we work with them on maintaining properties and increasing rental value.

Owners aren’t our only customers, however, and that’s something that we realized very quickly in this business. We also serve tenants, and we serve them well. In this blog, you’ll read about our experiences as both a property manager and a tenant, and we’ll provide some Chula Vista property management tips that landlords can apply to their own tenant-landlord relationships.

Why do tenants like Encore Realty?

That is a great question, and one we think about all the time. A lot of property managers seem to forget that tenants are a crucial part of a successful rental experience for all parties. We believe our success starts with our tenants’ success.

Past Experiences as Chula Vista, Bonita or South Bay Tenants

Most people have experienced being tenants at some point in their lives. As a broker at Encore Realty, I certainly remember my own experiences. It was not long ago when I was a renter after graduating from the University of Southern California. I remember being annoyed at how I was not being taken seriously by my landlord. I remember how incredibly frustrating it was to ask for repairs when something was broken, and not having them fixed. Even worse was when maintenance was requested and I wouldn’t get an answer at all from my property management company. It seemed like they didn’t care about what I needed, and worse – they didn’t care about the property I was living in.

Through this experience, I vowed that if I was ever a landlord, I would not treat my tenants this way.

This is the type of personal experience that has had an impact on the way we do business at Encore Realty. We want our tenants to have a different experience than those that we have had.

Setting the Tone for Service and Support at Encore Realty

Setting the Tone for Service and Support at Encore RealtyWe strive at Encore Realty to either make the requested repair as soon as practical or at least to answer our tenants’ questions and let them know that the repair will not be made. Maintenance is one of our most important responsibilities as property managers, and we take repair requests seriously when our tenants submit them.

All emergencies will be responded to right away, and routine maintenance issues will also get our attention. As a tenant, you’ll be kept in the loop the entire time. If, for some reason, we believe that a repair is not warranted at the time that the request is made, you’ll get a full explanation, and we’ll work together to find a solution that works for all parties.

It’s not difficult to have a good relationship with our tenants, and that’s what we strive to do. Treating our tenants fairly, consistently, and honestly sets Encore Realty apart from many other South Bay, Bonita and Chula Vista property management companies. We are committed to addressing your maintenance concerns and working with you to ensure you have a pleasant rental experience.

We hope local landlords can benefit from our own experience, and that you enjoyed these Chula Vista property management tips. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at Encore Realty.