Tips on Getting Your Chula Vista Property Rent Ready

When you’re getting your property ready for the Chula Vista rental market, it’s important to think about the home from the perspective of a tenant. Your goal is to attract good tenants quickly and to earn as much rent as possible. By providing an outstanding rental home, you’re more likely to attract outstanding tenants.

Here’s a quick list of things you need to pay attention to before listing your rental property.

Make Repairs and Hire Cleaners

Everything in your property needs to work before you put it on the market. Check every outlet, turn on every faucet and sink, and flush each toilet. Run the heat and the air conditioning, and turn on the appliances. Check every window and door to ensure the locks work. Change the air filter and any light bulbs that are burnt out. Tenants will want to imagine themselves living there when they click on your ad or arrive for a showing; it will be difficult for them to do that if an appliance isn’t working or a toilet is leaking.

Once all the repairs and replacements have been made, hire professional cleaners to come in and thoroughly clean your Chula Vista rental property. When you provide a perfectly clean home, tenants will be eager to move in, and they’ll also know you have high standards of cleanliness when it’s time to return the property at the end of the lease term.

Inspect and Improve Your Curb Appeal

When prospective tenants drive up or walk up to your property, they need to see a home that’s well-maintained, attractive, and inviting. If you’re renting out a single-family home, make sure the lawn has been cut, the bushes are trimmed, and yard has been cleaned up. There shouldn’t be any debris, bent window blinds, or cobwebs on the front door. Clean up the trash bins and sweep the front walkway. Make sure the driveway or walkway is free of twigs, branches, and personal items.

If you’re renting out a unit in a multi-family building, you want to be sure that the exterior is bright, clean, and easily identifiable. Take a look at the common areas and make sure they’re clean and inviting. The idea is to be welcoming and inviting.

Price the Home Competitively

Another part of the rent-ready process is making sure you’re pricing the property correctly. Do some research on the local market so you know what similar homes are renting for in your area. You want to earn as much as possible, so don’t under-value the home. However, be careful of overpricing, too. An overpriced home will only be vacant for longer. This will cost you money and it will also cost you good tenants.

Pricing will impact how effectively you market your home. It will also determine how quickly you’re able to show the property and collect applications from interested tenants.

Once the property is ready for the rental market and ready for occupancy, we recommend that you take great marketing photos, have a video available to view, write a terrific and detailed description, and prepare to talk to tenants who may be interested in the home. Make sure you’re available to answer their questions and schedule showings. Utilizing a self-showing lockbox service is an option popular with potential tenants today.

Tips on Getting Your Chula Vista Property Rent ReadyWe can help you get your property rent-ready and we can also help you manage a successful leasing process. If you need any help with Chula Vista property management, please contact us at Encore Realty, Inc.