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When you’re serving in the military and your orders take you out of Chula Vista, you may decide to hold onto your home. That’s a good idea – your investment is only going to increase in value, and renting it out will allow you to earn some consistent short-term income.

You’ll need a reliable and experienced property manager. All rental property owners can benefit from professional property management, but out-of-state service members need to choose a Chula Vista property management partner who can attract, place, and retain great tenants, keep an eye on preventative maintenance, and follow the ups and downs of the local rental market.

Here are some of the specifics you should look for when you’re hiring a property manager.

A Great Track Record with Tenants

As a member of the military, your professional obligations are pretty intense. You likely won’t have time to fly and back forth to Chula Vista every time you need to find a tenant for your rental property.

A good property manager will do an excellent job of marketing your vacant home, showing the property, and collecting applications from interested prospective renters. The screening process will be thorough, legally compliant, and result in a well-qualified tenant who will pay rent on time, take care of your home, and respect the rules and requirements of the lease agreement.

Once a good tenant is in place, you’ll want your property manager to work hard in keeping that tenant. Make sure there’s a good tenant retention plan in place. Vacancies and turnovers are expensive. Things that help with retention include responsive maintenance, good communication, and the availability of online rental payments.

Protecting the Condition of your Chula Vista Rental Property

If a water heater leaks in the middle of the night or a bad storm knocks a tree onto the roof of your rental property, there’s not going to be much you can do when your tenant calls in a panic. When you’re out of state or out of town or even out of the country, you’ll need someone local who can respond.

Look for a management company that will respond immediately to emergencies and also to routine maintenance issues. Deferred and unreported repair issues will only become more expensive when they’re ignored or put off. Protecting the condition and value of your property should be your property manager’s priority.

Keeping Up with the Local Chula Vista Rental Market

Renting out a home in California is more complex than ever before. There are new laws and rules that need to be followed. Property owners need to think about rent control, just cause eviction, the fallout from the eviction moratorium, and how to tell a service animal from a support animal.

The best Chula Vista property management company for you will understand and comply with all these requirements. You need professionals who stay up to date on the law and all of its changes. You don’t want any mistakes with security deposits, fair housing, pets, or habitability issues. These mistakes will be expensive.

Choosing a property manager can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re in the military and moving all the time. We can help. Contact us at Encore Realty and we’ll talk to you about your property and our services. Find peace of mind with expert Chula Vista property management.