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The pandemic is not completely over of course but things are certainly looking better with vaccines widely available and infection numbers dropping. Now that some of the dust has settled and rental property owners are figuring out how to come back stronger, there’s a huge question that needs to be answered:

Given what everyone has been through over the last year and a half, what are renters looking for now?

Make your Chula Vista rental property competitive in the post-pandemic world. Here are some of our recommendations.

Flex Space in the House

Working from home is not a trend that’s going to go away entirely. During the pandemic, many companies and employees realized that working from home is not out of the question. In fact, many people would tell you it’s more productive. Knowing this, property owners will want to make sure there are working spaces inside the homes they’re renting. Ideally, this would be an extra bedroom or even a den where a tenant can set up an office. If that kind of space isn’t available, however, be creative. Perhaps part of the dining area can be walled off to create a workspace. Think about built-in desks and how to leverage a breakfast bar.

Tech-Friendly Rental Homes

Not only does great technology help with the work from home lifestyle, it also provides extra security, convenience, and ease. This will go a long way in attracting tenants post-pandemic. Consider including basic Wi-Fi in your rent. Make sure your property is wired for smart home technology that’s growing in popularity. New tenants will want to move in with their smart home devices like Alexa and Siri. Video doorbells are more popular than ever. When you can show prospective tenants that your property is tech-friendly and ready to connect, you’re going to have an easier time attracting and retaining residents.

Energy Efficiency is Important

Tenants are also thinking about climate. During the pandemic, they saw wildfires burning out of control in Australia and the western U.S. There were heat waves, blizzards in Texas, and a lot of rain, tornadoes, and tropical storms throughout the southeast. Environmental sustainability is becoming a priority for a lot of tenants, especially millennial tenants and Gen-Z renters.

What does this mean for your Chula Vista rental property? You should consider replacing those old and deteriorating appliances with energy efficient models. Install light bulbs that are kinder to the earth and make recycling natural in the kitchen. Smart thermometers are a great idea, too.

Contact-Free Leasing and Showings

Tenants and Chula Vista property managers understand the importance of technology. During the pandemic, no one wanted to visit an open house with 20 other people. That trend will likely stick around post-pandemic. Instead of large gatherings when there’s a property for rent, tenants are going to be drawn to self-showing technology that allows them to view a property on their own time. It’s safer and it’s actually better for owners. Homes rent faster when tenants can see a property on their own.

Lease agreements can be shared, discussed, and signed electronically. Rent can be paid online and routine maintenance requests can be made online. These are the conveniences tenants will look for now and in the future.

Lease agreementsIf you’d like some help with attracting tenants in a post-pandemic rental market, please contact us at Encore Realty. We’d happily serve as your Chula Vista property management resource.