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One of the most crucial parts of being a housing provider is taking care of your resident’s maintenance requests. As a housing provider, you are required by California law to provide habitable premises and a safe environment for your resident. Handling these requests effectively forms a significant part of ensuring smooth tenancy.

According to the particulars mentioned in the lease, you, as the housing provider, should abide by the processing time for the maintenance request. Actively processing the requests can help build the landlord-tenant relationship and trust. It also helps prevent the rental property from further damage.

As per the Civil Code of California, if you fail to maintain the property and conduct repairs as requested by the tenant, the renter may subtract the repair cost from the rent by performing it themselves. Additionally, the tenant can also vacate the property if the housing provider neglects their concerns.

Here are a few tips to help you establish a streamlined process for handling tenant maintenance requests effectively.

  • Create A Tracking System

A tracking system for handling requests submitted by your residents is an efficient way of keeping a record. For this, ask all your residents to submit the complaints only via a singular mode of communication, such as email. Allow communication via alternate modes like calls and messages only for emergencies.

Maintain a spreadsheet that includes details such as the date of report, issue, the severity of the repair, and date of resolution. Adding every repair request to it can help track all the details in one place while also allowing you to resolve concerns timely and efficiently. You can also use different applications and tools that are available online to maintain a uniform tracking system. They provide reminders so you don’t miss getting the task done.

  • Give Timely Responses

Set a time limit to respond to a maintenance request after you receive it. Regularly responding to your resident’s requests will prevent any miscommunication or disagreements.

Once you receive the complaint, go through it thoroughly and set appropriate dates for repairs. You can determine the time frame based on the severity of the issue and the urgency of the request.

  • Identify The Severity of The Issue

As discussed above, handling of upkeep requests depends on their severity. If your tenant appeals to you for immediate assistance, it is advisable to fix the fault as soon as possible.

A delay can cause inconvenience to the residents. Failing to take an action can also give rise to potentially serious legal conflicts. However, if the issue does not require your immediate attention, you can set a convenient date to fix it.

  • Document The Problem

Documenting repeated upkeep problems can be helpful if the repair keeps costing you a substantial amount. It will also help you record all maintenance tasks you carry on your Chula Vista rental properties. Additionally, documentation can also aid in tracking the budget. Another method of documentation is through photographs. You can keep records of the issues by clicking their photos. This record will be helpful in cases of conflicts or disputes raised by the residents.

  • Hire A Licensed Contractor

Even though you can perform several repairs and maintenance tasks yourself, it is better to hire a licensed and experienced contractor. It is essential to hire a licensed contractor who knows about rental repairs. Communicate all the critical factors that are to be addressed with your contractor so that they can take care of the issue. Additionally, they also provide you with liability insurance and perform other property handling services.

Handling resident maintenance requests can be a difficult task to do by yourself. It can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you are a Chula Vista landlord with multiple rental properties. In that case, hiring a Chula Vista property management company can be a more beneficial decision.

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