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Virtual real estate investment is a great way to make property deals beyond your primary location. It has enabled investors to invest in properties across the world, and access the global residential and commercial market.  Virtual home investment has also simplified the process for people living overseas or out of state. Investors can now execute their investment strategies remotely, and research properties along with marketing, wholesaling, and much more.

Here are some advanced tools for Chula Vista investors to embrace virtual real estate investing for extensive success.

  • Tools for Virtual Property Research

Property research is an initial step towards virtual home investments. It is essential to know the location, surroundings, topography, and street views of the asset you want to purchase. Here are the three valuable tools you should consider for better research.

1. Google Earth

Google Earth is a 100% free platform that enables you to gather essential geospatial data and satellite imagery of the asset location. The browser helps you get precise location, determine appropriate distance, draw a boundary overlay, get KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files, research history, and elevation of the property. You can easily have a virtual real estate tour of Chula Vista with Google Earth.

2. GIS 

Geographic Information System (GIS) defines locations, homeowner’s information, tax history, and property boundaries. You can also find reliable data such as size, dimensions, and assessed value with the help of GIS.

3. Local Government and County Websites

Most of the counties in the U.S. have authorized websites regarding real estate requirements, rules, and regulations. You can get probate, foreclosure properties, tax-delinquent listed on the websites. However, some county websites are complex to understand but provide a great source of information. It is the right place to walk through zoning departments, equalization departments, and the register of deeds. 

  • Tools for Closing Process

The closing date is the final step in accomplishing a real estate transaction. It is set during the negotiation phase, and after a few weeks, the offer is accepted. The following tools effectively help with the closing process.

1. Docusign

DocuSign is a digital signature format where you can sign enforceable documents legally. It is a convenient platform for buyers and sellers to sign property agreements and other official documents. However, in some counties, digital signatures are not allowed. You have to inquire depending on the location you are purchasing a property.

2. RingCentral 

RingCentral is an authentic cloud-based phone system that provides a line of communication to the people. It is cost-effective and allows you to accomplish business-related tasks. You can find new customers, take feedback, close deals, and earn money with RingCentral.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a digital workspace where you can manage and organize your business files. Instead of sending mail attachments, you can easily store the document in your Dropbox account. It helps to sync and share the data from any device instantly.

  • Tools for Marketing and Listing

Marketing is essential to promote your brand, attract clients, and close real estate transactions. The following marketing and listing tools can help investors to generate revenue virtually.

1. Zillow 

Zillow is a popular property listing website in the U.S. where you can promote your property by listing significant features and images. It allows you to reach a larger pool of buyers and sellers instantly in Chula Vista.

2. Craigslist

Like Zillow, Craigslist is also a high-traffic listings website. It is an advertisement platform where you can buy, sell, and negotiate property deals.

3. Social Media Platforms

Investors can also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for marketing. You can join the local groups in Chula Vista created on these platforms, to post and sell your investment.

  • Apps For Real Estate Investment 

Specialized real estate investment apps allow you to expand your business and build a virtual network with other professionals in your area. Here are some popular applications that you may find beneficial.

1. PropStream

PropStream is a business app that allows comprehensive research of the real estate market. Investors can compare nationwide market data, instant home prices, calculate rehab costs, and create targeted direct marketing lists.

2. DealMachine

This app is designed for investors who are looking for more off-market deals. Investors can conduct market research by identifying key addresses and adding those into a search function. It also manages property owner’s contact information for efficient communication.

3. RealeFlow

Realeflow is another real estate software created to help investors find deals in the target market, gain instant access, rehab the property, close deals quickly, and sell or buy the property.

Virtual real estate investing is beneficial, but it can be daunting for several reasons. You can fall for fake websites, wasting your valuable time and money. A professional property manager, however, can help you in closing successful virtual deals.

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